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How many children are expected for each session?

We are aiming for 100 children per session. It is a large hall and has much higher capacity.  However, we feel this number will be more manageable especially with parents attending too.

Can we hang around if I have children attending different sessions?

Yes. We have anticipated that some families may need to hang around for both sessions and have allowed for this when capping ticket sales.  There is no need to purchase multiple tickets in this case.  Just purchase one ticket per child's entry.  

However, if your child is only attending one session and you have no other children attending a different session, then we kindly ask that you avoid being present for the session you haven't booked for.  This will help us to keep numbers manageable and make the night more enjoyable for everyone attending.

Why are you pre selling tickets online?

This allows us to manage numbers attending and list tickets as SOLD OUT when the sessions have reach their capacities.

It also allows us to monitor who is coming as every ticket sale requires a name, an email, phone number and address to be given to us.  Entry to the event will not be permitted unless you have pre purchased tickets and are on the door list.

Pre sold tickets also gives us the funds to hire equipment, pay for decorations, catering etc without having to fund it ourselves.  We are not looking to make money off this event.  However, by simplifying processes like this we will then be better able to host more events in the future.

What if there is an emergency or if my child has a concern during the event and can't find me?

Upon entry to the event, your name will be marked off the door list and a parents/guardians mobile number will be checked so that we can contact you if there are any emergencies during the event. Your child will also be given a name tag to wear through out the evening.

We will have security on the Main Door which will provide the only access into the building. 

We plan to have 2-4 brothers in the main hall for each session, wearing a high vis vest.  The children will be instructed at the start of the session by the band that these attendants are there to supervise behaviour and are also available if the children have any questions or concerns. 

A parent/guardian is required to remain onsite during the session they have booked tickets for.  With this many children attending we can only offer minimal supervision and require parents to supervise their children also.

There will be a first aid assistant for each session and the attendants can guide you to where this will be located.

The venue is surrounded by a large park/playground and car park.  Emergency assembly points will be advised.  It is also next door to a fire station.

Do I need to print a ticket and bring it to the event?

No. Once you purchase a ticket, you automatically go on the door list.  At the door we will confirm your details and provide name tags. There is no need to print a ticket for the event.