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Tickets can only be purchased through this website.  No entry will be permitted unless you are on the list of pre-purchased tickets. There are limited numbers available so please get in quick so you don't miss out.  Paypal or credit card payment options available.

Once you purchase a ticket you automatically go on the door list.  There is no need to print any tickets for the event.

This is strictly a JW only event.  By using this website to pre-purchase tickets opposed to door sales, it gives us more control over the numbers attending, helps us to cater for each session, and allows us to better monitor who is attending.

Tickets are $10 per entry, per session.  The age groups are a suggestion for each session. Age appropriate songs, games and prizes will be given for each session.  However, if you have siblings that would prefer to stay together then that is totally fine to book them for the same session. 

Only the child's entry fee is required. You must select which session you are booking for.

Parents are not required to pay an entry fee. However, at least one parent or guardian is required to attended and supervise the children they have purchased tickets for.  A tea and coffee room will be provided for parents to mingle.  

The tickets cover the cost of hall hire, decorations, snack packs, sausage sizzle, equipment hire, band etc.  

THIS IS NOT A FUND RAISER. However, if any profits are left over then we will donate them to the society.  We are not looking to make a profit, just to cover costs so that we can do more of these events in the future. 

All JWs Families are welcome so please feel free to spread the word.